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D&D Monster of the Week


Honorary Blue Belt, get!

This means that though I'm still working my way up to this rank, I'm considered to have equivalent skills and knowledge at this point. 

(Ranks here are different, too: white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, red, black.)

Jan. 28th, 2016

This is where I walk familiar ground for the first time.

Yellow belt, get.


Axiom Verge

A solid retro style game with a sci-fi twist.

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Final Fantasy Type 0

When you mix-and-match so many elements together, you're bound to get some parts that fall flat.

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State of the Now - January

It's fairly clear to you all that I've been going through some serious upheavals over the past few months, but the exact details haven't yet be divulged. Let me correct that now.

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Japan Crate!

One of my Xmas gifts happens to be a monthly delivery of snacks and goodies straight from Japan.

From top to bottom-

-White chocolate yam things (??!), potato chips
-Lemon drink, strawberry shortcake candies
-GABA infused stress relieving chocolate chews (??!), Calpis milk jellies, orange gummys
-Strawberry yogurt chews, PokeMon pineapple chews, Fit's gum with Where's Wally card
-Pizza, Chocolate, and Hello Kitty Strawberry Pocky
-Bonus pen and pencil

Thanks, B-kun!

I have a cold. I might have caught it from that dragon. Hang on.
*sneezes, spews fire & snot
Yeah, Dragon Cold.

It's been ages since I've worn a white belt. Such fun!