Jerry (kung_fu_monkey) wrote,

Breaking Seminar

Breaking Seminar by Kansai Monkey
Breaking Seminar, a photo by Kansai Monkey on Flickr.

Beemer and the Boards of Education.

Saturday was the annual Breaking Seminar at the school and though we were quite busy instructing our students the proper breaking techniques for their attacks, I did manage to get a few videos captured of Beemer and myself. I'll toss these behind the cut.

Beemer's Hammer Fist through 2 boards

Beemer's Palm Strike through 2 boards.

Beemer's Jump Kick. Yeah, it needs work, but he did break the board.

Speed break on falling board with punch.

Palm Strike through one brick.

Elbow Strike through one brick.

Hammer Kick through 4 bricks.

Tags: advanced training, awesome, breaking seminar, just the two of us

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