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Many thanks to everyone who gave the well-wishes and good thoughts to me this weekend. I'm fine, and the doctor mostly concurs.

Beemer and I went to the doc this morning. After getting the "Why the hell didn't you come in sooner?" lecture from everyone, they took the info, ran an EKG, and gave the result.

There are three basic theories as to what happened:

1. The sheer amount of Justice that my body contains finally took its toll, and my poor little heart couldn't take it anymore. Probability: Pretty damned low.

2. My heart thought it was Casual Friday, and could've sworn it saw a memo from the rest of the organs saying that it was okay to lax in its duties. Probability: Also pretty low.

3. Between eating poorly for breakfast, trekking across campus on a hot day (uphill), suddenly entering an air-conditioned building, having the hypoglycemia kick in just at the right time, and finals to worry about, the heart got confused and played Skip-to-my-Lou. Probability: Rather high.

Given that I didn't lose consciousness, throw up, or feel any pain anywhere else, they said that it wasn't a heart attack, and since I'm not prone to any arrhythmia in my history, and since there wasn't any heart damage, it was probably just a fluke. However, they've got me scheduled for a cholesterol check and a treadmill stress test to see where I'm at. Otherwise, I'm okay, the pulse and blood pressure were normal, and I'm feeling pretty good.

So, there. No worries.

I even had a salad and didn't collapse. :-)

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